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Our street sign are designed and intended to bring the evil of abortion out of the darkness and into the light of day, both through imagery and and misinformation destroying rhetoric. They are intended to help start conversations, both personally, and within the community at large. They pair well with our informational resources so that the individual Abolitionist has something to hand out to those who come over to speak with them or are passing by and don't have time to stop to speak. With the purchase of the vinyl sticker and a coroplast mounting board, we will mount your sign for you at no extra cost.

***Note on shipping mounted signs*** When purchasing multiple mounted signs the shipping calculation is not accurately reflected on your order. We are unable to include dimensions in determining shipping rates so we must use a dimension to weight formula. However, when more than 1 mounted sign is shipped the calculation nearly doubles the cost for shipping. This is not accurate and you will not be charged over what the actual shipping cost is. The only way around this is for us to issue an immediate refund of shipping overcharges. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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